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Meisner Road Bridge Work


RECOR RD DETOUR/MEISNER RD CLOSURE: There will be a temporary detour setup by the SCC Road Commission on Recor Rd between Kind Rd & M-29. The detour will be in place while the bridge on Meisner Rd in East China is being replaced. Start date is arund late July/ early August. Estimated project is 3-6 months. Signage is being setup in anticipation of it. Residents will be notified as to the official date when available.

Dear Residents,

I am forwarding these updates as soon as we receive them from The St. Clair County Health Department. This helps the message come from one source with accurate and updated information for the health and safety of all of our residents. Let's continue to be positive, take the precautions that the professional are advising and offering up a prayer along the way. 


Stay safe,
Linda Schweihofer



SCC Health Department COVID-19 Informational Hotline (810) 966-4163

 Michigan Department of Health & Human Services has established a statewide hotline, for the public to ask health-related questions. Operational 7 days a week, 8:00am - 5:00pm. 1-888-535-6136.



7-10-2020 Weekly Update

7-3-2020 Weekly Update

6-26-2929 Weekly Update

EO 2020-131 Notaries

Media Release SCCHD Launches Field Surveillance

6-20-2020 Weekly Report

Water Quality Monitoring

County Veteran Service Fund

6-11-2020 Daily Update

6-9-2020 Daily Report

6-8-2020 Daily Report

6-4-2020 Daily Report

6-2-2020 Daily Report

Media Release 6-2-2020 Drive-thru testing

6-1-2020 Daily Report

Pandemic Response Team

Media Release 5-29-2020

5-29-2020 Daily Report

5-28-2020 Daily Report

5-26-2020 Daily Report




District Coordinators Map

Governor Whitmer Executive Orders



EO 2020-103 Tax Abatement

EO 2020-102 Vapor Pressure

EO 2020-101 Watercraft Registration

EO 2020-100 Amendments

EO 2020-99 Emerg Declaration

5-22-2020 Daily Report

5-20-2020 Daily Report

5-18-2020 Daily Report

Press Release-Memorial Day

5-16-2020 Daily Report

5-15-2020 Medilodge Update

5-15-2020 Daily Report

5-14-2020 Daily Report

5-13-2020 Daily Report

5-12-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-81 Deliveries

EO 2020-80 Admin Hearings

EO 2020-79 Youth Work Permits

5-11-2020 Daily Report

5-10-2020 Daily Report

5-9-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-77

5-8-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-76 Unemployment

EO 2020-75 OMA

5-6-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-74 Notaries

EO 2020-73 Motor Carriers

5-5-2020 Daily Report

5-4-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-72 Care Facilities

5-3-2020 Daily Report

5-2-2020 Daily Report

SCCHD-Contact Tracing Process

5-1-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-70 MI Safe Start

EO 2020-68

EO 2020-67

EO 2020-66

4-30-2020 Daily Report

4-29-2020 Daily Report

4-28-2020 Daily Report

4-27-2020 Daily Report

Media Release - Medilodge St. Clair

EO 2020-63 PPO Extension

4-26-2020 Daily Report

4-25-2020 Daily Report

EO 2020-59 Rescinded Stay Home Order

4-24-2020 Daily Report

4-23-2020 Daily Report

4-22-2020 Daily Report

4-21-2020 Daily Report

4-20-2020 Daily Report

4-19-2020 Daily Update

4-18-2020 Daily Update

Media Release 4-17-2020

Data Update 4-17-2020

Daily Update 4-16-2020

EO 2020-49 Hospital Capacity

EO 2020-48 Emer Order OMA

EO 2020-47 Licenses and Registrations

EO 2020-46 Liquor Buyback

EO 2020-45 Admin Hearings

EO 2020-44 Deliveries

EO 2020-43 Public Accom

Daily Case Summary 4-13-2020

Count map for 4-13-2020

Count map for 4-11-2020

Media Release 4-10-2020

EO 2020-42 Stay At Home Updated

Media Release 4-9-2020

COVID Cases Map

EO 2020-41 Electronic Signatures

Media Release 4-8-2020

Media Release 4-7-2020

EO 2020-38 - FOIA Extended deadlines

Daily Briefing points 4-6-20

Media Release 4-6-20

MDHHS Emergency Order - Death Reporting

Media Release 4-4-2020

Media Release 4-3-2020

Media Release 4-2-20 K-!2 Cancellation for 2019-2020 School Year

Media Release 4-1-2020

EO 2020-30, Emerg order - medical practice

EO 2020-29 Emerg order - jails and prisons

EO 2020-28 Restoring water service to occupied residences during the COVID-19 pandemic

President Trump Approves Governor Whitmer's Request for Major Disaster Declaration

NEWS RELEASE: State leaders outline protections, assistance available for energy utility customers

Media Release 3-31-20

Media Release 3-26-2020

EO 2020-25 Temporary enhancements for flexibility, and efficiency of pharmacies

EO 2020-24 Unemployment

Summary of Stay Home Stay Safe

Governor Whitmer's Executive Order 2020-21 Temporary requirement to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life

Essential Employee Guidance

Media release 3-25-2020

Media Release 3-24-2020

Media Release 3-22-2020

Media Release 3-21-20

Media Release 3-20-20

Unanimous Order Authorizes Courts to take Emergency Measures


Our Updated 2019 Water Quality Report is NOW available 
Information is under Utility Department


Waste Management does not take it (866-797-9018).


Find the China Township Facebook Page:

Find the China Township Facebook Page:

SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE: Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 8:00 a.m., starting at China Township Hall - Annual Road Tour!


SPECIAL MEETING NOTICE: Thursday, March 31, 2016 at 8:00 a.m., starting at China Township Hall - Annual Road Tour!


Public Notices and News:


Absentee Ballots can be mailed or placed in our drop box.

Tick Protection

For Information on Food Distribution Locations CLICK HERE

We have a DROP BOX  located on the south side of our township hall. Water bills can be paid on line or you can use the drop box. Any forms you may need are available under the department.



East China Water Plant will still be open to the public, however you must call ahead if you need bulk (larger then 25 gallon container) 810-765-4647
SCC Council on Aging - For Seniors needing assistance (810) 987-8811. Information for Meals on Wheels (810)982-4400 & Transportation for Seniors (810) 984-4200


                              Charter Township of China

4560 Indian Trail

China, MI  48054

(810) 765-1145 Fax: (810) 765-4080


MAY 20, 2020


The Charter Township of China is planning for the potential community transmission of COVID-19 and is taking the necessary precautions to protect our residents and staff to slow the transmission of the virus.  The following actions are being taken as a precaution:

  1. Our lobby will be closed OPEN to the public until further notice WITH NEW LOBBY HOURS.
  2. All business can be conducted through mail, phone, email or online at
  3. The drop box can be utilized for payments, permits being dropped off or any forms or paperwork.
  4. Any upcoming events are being postponed until further notice including the following:
    1. Children’s Easter Egg Hunt CANCELLED
    2. King Road SAD Informational Meeting
    3. ZBA Public Hearing  - RESCHEDULED FOR JULY 8TH
    4. Senior Lunches
    5. Tree give-away - May 30th 9 am
    6. Park Cleanup
  5. All non-essential business should be postponed until further notice. Open for all regular business.
  6. Non-essential meetings such as Zoning Board of Appeals, Planning Commission and Parks and Recreational Advisory Committee will be postponed until further notice held if deemed necessary.
  7. In the event that there is a Regular Board Meeting, residents can mail or email any public comments which will be read at the meeting.
  8. Any other business that cannot be handled in the above manner, please call the township to make an appointment.


                                     Linda Schweihofer, Supervisor / Deanna Moran, Clerk / Julia Rust, Treasurer

Trustees:  Alana Cook, Edward Neiman, Valerie Schweihofer, John Golan

You can find information regarding properties in China Township by clicking the red button:

Look up information regarding your property, including taxes and water bill balances. You can also pay your bills online by clicking on the big red button!

Click the following link to see Ordinance 169 regarding cross connections:  Ordinance 169

If you would like to see a Zoning Map of China Township, 

please click zoning map 2019

The final Belle River Watershed Management Plan – all nine chapters – are now available online at The Plan is available chapter by chapter, as well as the Executive Summary and the Log Jam Management Plan. If you have any questions please contact St. Clair County Health Department, Division of Environmental Health.



Up Coming Meetings

Next Board Meeting: Monday May 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm  

Next Planning Commission Meeting: CANCELED Thursday, March 19, 2020 @ 7:00 pm Thursday, April 16, 2020 POSTPONED

Next Recreation Meeting:  April 13, 2020 @ 7:00 pm POSTPONED

Next Neighborhood watch: TBA in March POSTPONED

Next Senior lunch: POSTPONED

China Township Calendar