China Township

Assessor's Office


Certifying Assessor of Record: William D. Griffin, MMAO, PPE

Assessing Department Personnel: Jamie Barra – Deputy Assessor, MAAO, PPE

Sean Wendt – Appraiser 

Phone: (810) 765-1145, ext. 204


Office Hours: by appointment

Inspection and copying of Township assessment records are available during normal Townhship business hours. There is no charge for copies of assessment records requested by the owner of the property. For copies requested by persons other than the property owner, a reasonable copy charge will apply. All Township assessing information can be printed from the Township website and electronically transmitted. The Assessor’s Office can be reached by email at or by telephone at 810-765-1145, extension 204.

See more information below. Click here for Forms & FAQ.

More Information

China Township Board of Review meetings are TBA

If you choose to make an appointment, please feel free to call the Township Hall at 810-765-1145 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

2020 Hardship Exemption Policy and Guidelines

2019 Poverty Guidelines-China

2019 Hardship Application -Exemption forms.

All Hardship Exemption Applications are available at the township Hall.

Three Board of Review meetings are held annually: March, July and December.

March Board of Review – Valuation Appeals by Taxpayers

Property owners reserve the right to appeal their assessed value, classification or qualified agricultural exemption before the March Board of Review.  The March Board of Review has the authority to review the following types of appeals for the current year:

  • Assessed value
  • Poverty exemptions under MCL 211.7u
  • Assessor denial of the continuation of a qualified agricultural property exemption
  • Assessment classification

A resident taxpayer may appear in person or may appoint an authorized representative — including attorneys, accountants or agents — with written authorization to appear on their behalf.  Both resident and non-resident taxpayers may file a protest in writing.  All written protests must be received at the Township prior to the second meeting, as noted on the assessment notice.

Click here for a copy of Township of China Sale and Equalization Study. You can also pick a copy up at the Township Hall for a $2.00 copy fee.

July and December Board of Review – Correction of Clerical Errors

These meetings are held to correct assessment roll clerical errors or mutual mistake of fact.  Taxpayer valuation appeals are not heard in July or December.  Poverty exemption appeals, however, are heard in July and December.