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Linda Schweihofer
Phone: 810-765-1145, ext. 205
  • Moderates board and annual meetings
  • Chief Assessing Officer (if certified)
  • Secretary of the Board of Review
  • Township's Legal Agent
  • Must maintain records of Supervisor's Office
  • Responsible for tax allocation board budget (if applicable)
  • Develops Township Budget
  • Appoints some commission members
  • May call special meetings
  • May appoint a deputy

 Supervisor's Welcome

Dear Residents,

Welcome to our new website!  This is a great example of what China Township is all about.  We hope you will find this a great addition to our Township and a useful tool for accessing information on the Internet Highway!  I encourage you to visit us often, as we will be making regular updates to keep you

China Township has been blessed with a very professional staff of department heads and employees who are dedicated to the citizens of China.  Through their efforts we provide many quality services to our community.  For details, please refer to the department pages in our website.

I'm often asked, "What does a Supervisor do?"  I liken it to keeping a pulse on the Township and keeping abreast of any and all new changes in legislation that affects you and I and our quality of life. Its a big job, no one knows that better the I what an awesome responsibility you, the electors, have entrust me with and I continue to work diligently on your behalf by learning something new every day.  It's what I call "continuing education." 

China Township has a population of 3,551 and is a 6-square mile area with Fred Moore Highway our boundary to the north, Marine City Highway at the south end, Mayer Road to the west, and King Road, for the most part.  Also included, a few jogs east on St. Clair Highway, a shorty way on Bree Road, and surrounding neighbors, but with one of the best school districts around and a low tax base, it has many advantages.

I guess I am just a country gal at heart and so enjoy living in the country with my husband, Jerry, of 50 years on our Centennial far in the heart of China Township on Allington Road, where we raise Llamas and alpacas.  We have two grown sons, Todd and Ryan and four grandchildren: Todd Jr., the twins, Abbie and Erica, and J.T. We have a new Great Granddaughter Kennedy Rose.  We have been blessed with both sons living just down the road from us.  Todd with our daughter-in-law Heidi and Ryan with our daughter-in-law Jeannine. China Township is a great place to live and raise our families.  Join with me in saying "Amen"!