Facts About Michigan::

  • The name Michigan comes from the Indian word “Michigama” which means large lake.
  • Nicknames: "Wolverine State” & “Water Wonderland”
  • Established as a Territory: Jan. 11, 1805
  • Admitted to the Union: Jan. 26, 1837 as the 26th State.
  • State Capitol: Lansing, Michigan
  • State Flag: Adopted by Legislature in 1911
  • State Bird: The Robin
  • State Tree: The White Pine
  • State Flower: The Apple Blossom
  • State Size: 56,804 sq. miles of land; 39,698 sq. miles of inland waters
  • Number of inland lakes: 11,037 inland lakes in MI.
  • Population: 9,938,444 ; 175 people per square mile (2000 census)
  • Number of Counties: 83

Facts About St. Clair County:

In 1679 Robert Cavelier de la Salle, the famous French Explorer, and the equally famous French missionary and Historian on the trip, Father Louis Hennepin, came upon a small body of water on their voyage on the Griffon sailing from Lake Erie up through the Detroit River. The date was the 12th of August, the festival day of Sainte Claire, founders' of the Order of Franciscan Nuns of the 13th Century, and contemporary and friend of St. Francis of Assisi.Father Hennepin, amid imposing ceremonies, christened the Lake as Sainte Claire in honor of that saint. Eventually the river, city, and county took the same name.

  • Established: March 28, 1820
  • County Seat: Port Huron, MI
  • County Size: 700.27 sq. miles
  • Number of Townships: 23
  • Number of Incorporated Villages: 2
  • Number of Cities: 7, with Memphis partially in St. Clair Co.